Who We Are


Regina Multicultural Council will be the champion and recognized leader in the Growth, Development, Support and Education, in the promotion and celebration of cultural diversity.



To educate the public about different cultures and foster positive relations between communities through increasing public knowledge and appreciation of different ethnic groups' art, culture, language, traditions, and heritage.

Our primary FOCUS is on supporting, nurturing and acknowledging Multiculturism in a Canadian context.



The Regina Multicultural Council was first established in 1965, when it was the Regina Folk Arts Council, with a mandate to develop folk arts and other projects for the Province’s Diamond Jubilee (1965) and Canada’s Centennial (1967).

In 1973, the name was officially changed to the Regina Multicultural Council.

Today, the RMC serves as an umbrella organization to over 40 member groups representing approximately 20,000 people.

We support and encourage our member organisations in their activities and initiatives to raise awareness of the cultural diversity, traditions and heritage of the indigenous and ethno-cultural groups living and working in Regina and surrounding areas. In collaboration we develop and facilitate opportunities for our members to showcase their traditions, culture and heritage to a broader community and among themselves.

Our projects and programs nurture positive opportunities for the residents of Regina, Saskatchewan to engage in experiences with the diverse cultural makeup of Regina residents. We foster understanding and appreciation of All People contributing to the vibrancy of this City and province.