WCP stands for World Class Players, in which every member played sports. From that idea, the name for the tournament fell into place. Holness said with help from athletes and organizers the tournament has taken off. Each team represents a country, and in the men’s division there are at least 12 players of that particular heritage on the team. The rest of the players are made up of other people in the soccer community.

WCP brings so many different cultures together under one roof, one facility, with nobody fighting and people cheering, wearing their colours, why not make it work? The whole impact of soccer on the world in general is something that contributes to WCP's success – it’s a lifestyle.

WCP and RMC have been partners since 2006. The atmosphere of the building is something to come out and see in itself. The tournament is fun, but definitely competitive. The level of play is high and the fans and the players are there to win.

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