New Membership Application

herewith applies for membership in the Regina Multicultural Council for a one-year period of January 01, 2024 to December 31, 2024.

Organization Legal Registration

Please provide the following information:
1. Proof of Registration of Organization: Information Services Corporation Report or CRA Charitable #.
2. Constitution or Act of Legislation or other documentation that explains the organization’s mandate.
3. Membership list or constituency that your organization serves.
4. List of programs/services and their location.
5. List of current Board of Directors.
6. $75.00 Membership Fee

The new Anti-Spam legislation came into effect in Canada July 1, 2014. The Regina Multicultural Council requests your consent; in signing below, you have given permission to Regina Multicultural Council to send emails, newsletters, invitations, event notices, notifications, and any other materials via email to those listed on this membership application.

Member in Good Standing:
All renewed members for 2024 will be named “Members in Good Standing”. If there are opportunities and your member group signs up for participation and fails to commit to the opportunity or exhibits behavior that is unsatisfactory to the protocol or prestige of the event the member group will not be named a member in good standing and it is possible that they will not be asked to participate at the next opportunity.

It is the responsibility of your organization to maintain liaison with the Regina Multicultural Council. Only two members from each Voting Member Group will be the only people who may vote on behalf of the members. The Regina Multicultural Council will send communications and notices intended for the member organization to the email provided for the organization. Changes will only come effective when the RMC office receives written notice of thesechanges.


Media Contact

*Permission given to RMC to supply the media or public with a contact from the organization.


Performance Group/Dance Instructor(s):

Please list all Performance Groups associated with your organization (list on the back if more space is required)